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Nicolas AUBRY , drums.


Nicolas has been at the chopsticks for over forty years.


After a diploma of excellence at the national competition for Tama/Paiste drum schools (PARIS 1993), he turned to teaching and created the Da Capo music school.

in La Roche Sur Yon in 1995, already with his accomplice

Cyril Mazan!

At the same time, he plays in multiple formations that bring him to different stages

(Face and If, Poupet Festival, Fuzz'Yon, …)

Over the years, he has been able to enrich his drumming to explore all the possibilities offered by his instrument. By multiplying the number of cymbals, he offers a unique game and surprises his audience with unexpected but always controlled rhythms.

Inspired by world music and flirting with jazz, his striking is precise, powerful, so that his drumming is sometimes percussion.

In short, a visible mastery of his instrument, to best respond to the music of his acolytes and create an undeniable harmony.

Photo credit: @Migo

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