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Michael AUGER , two-tone accordion.

If there is one word that can sum up the music of Michaël Auger, it is RENCONTRE(S)…

His accordion is rich in all his encounters, human, artistic, so many sound influences that have inspired and mark his musical imprint.


Michael has been a professional musician for more than twenty years, an artist on stage but also a teacher, holder of the DE for the teaching of the diatonic accordion.

Since his discovery of the diatonic accordion, he has visited very contrasting musical universes through multiple activities: dance music from Vendée/Poitou, concerts and balls (in particular with the group Arbadétorne with whom he has been touring for twenty years), accompaniment of singers, educational concerts, workshops in France and Europe, master-class, as well as other one-off projects around the accordion (carte blanche in 2016, creation Accordéons Pas Pareils #4 in 2019, trio Accordéons in 2020,…)


With KLAKBA, Michaël puts his accordion at the heart of this explosive trio for a new musical experience. Sometimes melodist, rhythmic, improviser, with this passion to make travel an accordion carrying energy and resolutely current identity.

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