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The Trio KLAKBA was born in April 2021.

The adventure is first of all human. The project follows the reunion of three musicians  for a long time,  separated for a while  by different routes.

The desire to play together again was a detonator, the pleasure is visible as audible!

Technical and powerful, the music travels through songs that mix tones  from the Balkans, Arabic, Latin or jazz music...

The formula is original, the music generous, explosive and dancing.



   a song

   A keyboard

   an accordion

   A battery


   300g of Song

   150g of Latin

   3 tbsp. tablespoons Balkans

   3 oriental cloves

   1 zest of Jazz


  Mix together with 2 tbsp. coffee  

  of energy , 1 pinch of trip , a bouquet  

  of  generosity . serve well  hot accompanied  

  of a bottle of enthusiasm  for a        

  tasting  dynamic and  festive .

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