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Cyril MAZAN , piano, vocals.

A qualified piano teacher for almost 30 years,

Cyril Mazan put his varied knowledge at the service

of his students.

Eclectic, his musical sensibilities span the ages and he draws inspiration from world music to always create and innovate.

Moreover passionate about musical creation, he has composed many pieces both solo and in various formations, especially in 1995 with his friend

Nicolas Aubrey!

Meticulous and curious, he now boasts a complete and unique repertoire, with an impressive technical palette thanks to his varied accompaniments and his improvisations.

His percussive and sensitive playing contributes to giving the Klakba trio a strong identity, in harmony with his two accomplices.

His song is true, teasing, traveler.

An endless journey as much the pleasure of composing the anime...

Photo credit: @Migo

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